About Kodori

Kodori AG is a private investment company fully owned by a family office in Zug, Switzerland.

Since being founded in 2010, Kodori has invested within the spheres of cybersecurity, real estate, consumer goods, medical treatments, and healthtech.

Kodori is an active investor in early-stage startups, with a particular focus on health innovations. See our Ventures page for more information related to our strategy and approach to startup investing.

Due to the nature of being owned by a family office, Kodori has long horizons in regards to their investments, seeking to be involved throughout the growth cycle of companies. The firm collectively has experience in corporate governance, M&A, venture capital, investment banking, and medical treatments, which allows it to both identify and provide value add to varying structures and industries.

The company has shareholdings in international companies headquartered in Switzerland, the UK, the European Union and the USA.